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>> where you see the blue is an additional three to six inches of snow that could fall. >> reporter: the road crews found it tough to keep up with mother nature. the snow was piled high on i-95 in massachusetts, but nobody is suppose to be on the road thereanyway. they signed an executive order banning cars from being on the road. not everybody fold the rules. those who didn't, they paid the price. air travel has been crippled. thousands of flights have been canceled. >> i was on hold for most of the time. >> reporter: people stuck in airports did little choice. but to find a quiet corner to try to get comfortable. the utility crews from across the nation have moved into the area ready to spring into action. >> the guys will be right out there, restoring the power.
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they're ready for it. >> but it is not all doom and gloom. some peek to do advantage of the snow for a little winter fun. and there is still lots of plowing to do. many cars are abandoned on the side of the road. it will take hours to dig them out. back to you. >> i guess one silver lining is that the storm is hitting on the weekend rather than the mild of the workweek? >> reporter: absolutely. the snow was really hardest overnight so people who were on the roads were obviously stranded. but you know, officials are still asking people to stay inside while they work to clean it all up. >> hopefully they have a chance to do so soon.
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let's find out what's happening with the east coast storm. brian has been tracking it. >> we have a low spinning offshore right now. snow being reported in boston at this hour. temperatures are 20 degrees. blizzard warnings posted out there will be lifted in three hours at 1:00 eastern time. they will begin to see conditions ease off a little bit. worse hit between new york and boston and the i-95 corridor where they picked up the heaviest snow. 3,000 miles away, ice. plenty of high pressure and lots of sunshine for the bay area. your entire forecast in just a few minutes from now. >> thank you, brian. so far the east coast snowstorm is not having an impact on bay area travelers this morning. yesterday thousands of flights were grounded or delayed. travelers are expecting delays throughout the day today as
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well. into and out of newark, jfk, philadelphia, and boston's logan airport have been the most affected. you can find out about any flight delay or cancellations before heading to the airport. a search is continuing in southern california for a former police officer accused of killing three people. tactical teams have been searching in snowy conditions in the big bear area. police have also released a surveillance photo of christopher dorner at the l.a. area hotel on january 28. now authorities are trying to search hundreds of cabins spread over 8 square miles. >> we're going to continue searching until we discovered he left the mountain or we found him. >> yesterday investigators searched the home of dorner's mother, carrying out boxes of evidence. the man has posted a manifesto on facebook declaring war on
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law enforcement. he is also vowing to use survival skills to avoid capture. a local barber is in custody after the killing of the 13-year-old girl. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones of fairfield is facing charges of kidnapping, rape, and murder. meanwhile hundreds of mourners held a vigil for the victim. we've got more from the grieving community. >> reporter: they came from all over northern california. fairfield where the 13-year-old was murdered. the same city she lived with her foster family and where she used to live with her natural mom was in vallejo. josh allen is her birth father. >> what do you want to say to this guy that did that? >> you know, he is going to get what he deserves. >> reporter: 500 people lit candles where her naked body was discovered just one week ago. just a few hours after cops
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announced an arrest. >> no answer. the big question why. why didn't you leave her alone. and i hope you get what is coming to you. >> jones was identified early on as a suspect in this case. since that time he's been under 24 hour surveillance. no danger to the public. >> reporter: the suspected murderer is a barber by trade. these photos from the social networking site show him hard at work at the crown's barbershop in fairfield. one of the several places surrounded by yellow tape today. the section where he was arrested was also a crime scene. this is where the surveillance camera captured her image moments before being kidnapped. >> it is creepy, but i'm glad they caught the guy. >> reporter: police and fbi crime scene investigators spent the day collecting evidence at jones' home on clipper lane where folks can't believe their neighbor was capable of
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kidnapping, rape, and murder. >> it is crazy. he didn't really say much. >> that was joe vazquez reporting. the suspect's wife left him in december and filed a restraining order last month. anthony jones will be in court next wednesday. a san jose man is under arrest now for plotting to set off a car bomb in front of a bank in oakland. that arrest happened yesterday outside of a bank of america branch near the oakland airport. matthew thought he was working with the taliban to carry out the attack, but in fact an undercover fbi agent. he was arrested as he tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb. >> it's surreal, you know. this is as real as you're going to get for something that comes that close to home. >> according to yesterday's federal complaint, he told the undercover agent that he would dance with joy when the bomb exploded. he allegedly loaded what he
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thought was a powerful mixture into the back of the suv and brought two cell phones to be used as a detonator and a trigger. but in reality again, luckily there was no bomb. a walnut creek steak house has reopened after diners and employees came down with a neurovirus last week. flemings was shut down on wednesday after county health officials got two separate complaints. two diners and several employees became sick with the neurovirus, which is awful, causing diarrhea and vomiting. they reopened after hours of deep cleaning. they heard waiters talking about the outbreak. >> i didn't hear them say wash your hands. so now it is all coming together. >> you need to see the total cleaning today. there's a couple of things they don't have. one is a neurovirus thing. >> reporter: this is the second aggressive neurovirus outbreak linked to the walnut creek area in the last 10 days.
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dozens of people got sick after an event catered by the north park deli in concord. ♪ [ music ] ♪ now up for a grammy. the hits and the possible misses. we've got your grammy preview from 99.7 now. plus, hollywood movers and shakers found the grain at pebble beach. what keeps their fans happy.
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cl it will be 24 hours away from the year of the snake. people are cleaning their homes, stuffing red envelopes with money for the kids. and as sharon chin shows us, people are preparing food and
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lots of it. >> reporter: families in china host dumpling making parties to celebrate the new year's eve. they carry on the centuries old tradition. >> you have to make your own. and you do it together. >> reporter: she teaches how to make jiaozi or pot stickers. and it is harder than what it looks. >> there's two holes in it. >> reporter: they are members of the better china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolisms. >> it is shaped like a gold nugget. indicating prosperity. >> they came for a taste of the chinese culture and dumpling cuisine. >> reporter: the new year is the year of the snake. one of the 12 zodiacs in the
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calendar. some say it is good news for finances, but snakes include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1921 and september 11 in 2001. some plan to slither from that. >> move with caution. just like a snake. they are very cautious. >> reporter: whenever you think of the year of the snake it does start on sunday. happy chinese new year. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. looks like we're going to see it for the new year. brian has been tracking what we have around here. not much to track. >> well no. it is a chilly start, but in terms of any real maker, we set off the weather that is high and dry. mostly sunny skies on the chilly side by the time you head out to 9:00 this morning. mid-40s around the bay.
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about 40 degrees inland. and it will be 44 degrees at the airport. big high tides are around the bay area today. and we will expect the entire coast to peak at 6.7 feet. at 10:21 this morning, it means the low lying unusual places. on the other hand they need to take note of the low tides of minus 0.8 at 4:49 p.m. this afternoon. what goes in will eventually get to pull it out. sunny and a cold start a dry and cool day. a dry week ahead. we don't see any rain as far as i can see. you know rain often interferes with the pebble beach outing, but we're looking for sunshine. and on the high pressure outlook here, we look like we've got mostly high pressure that will mean temperatures in
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the 60s today. sunny and chilly. and your pinpoint forecast will be chilly tonight. 37 in san jose. your forecast highs today, we'll be looking at it today. 56 in san jose. nothing, but sunny side up all week, right through friday and saturday. the numbers will warm a little bit towards the end of the weekend. otherwise just expect sunshine. that should be music to your ears. if it is not, then we have a few grammy awards you need to pay attention to. >> all right, thank you. that tune stuck in your head last year, call me maybe. carly rae jepsen is up for two grammy awards. what is she going to wear tomorrow night? ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: do you know what you're wearing? because there is a dress code
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this year. >> i know. >> can i ask you this? please make sure that your buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. >> check, check. >> strong costumes or problematic. >> i was thinking of going a little dior with the swan. >> no, no, no. >> okay. >> for more on all the grammy action, we'll turn to them on 99.7. thanks for being here. >> no problem at all. they are kind of a big holiday for them. >> yeah, a lot of fun. all these artists in one place and the performances are always great because of all the surprises with a lot of accommodations that they try to do. sometimes they work. we'll get to those in a little bit. that made all kinds of controversy because this is an award show, right? especially the female performers. i thought that it was a little
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sexist. >> right. not wearing something skimpy. center right. or whatever. but this is music. wear a pair of jeans and you're done. >> this was sent to performers saying to cover it up? >> and people watching the show, they need to be covered up as well. and all the presenters as well. basically they want them to dress up very conservatively. >> this is the first time where she seen something like this in this climate? everybody is getting paranoid? >> you have kelly clarkson and miranda lambert. rihanna is the one that will show up naked or at least they think that she might show up like that. she's the one this is directed towards. >> exactly. >> and it will be interesting to watch to see who breaks the rules. looking at them and say please, i'm going to wear what i want.
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who will be the artist tonight? >> i would imagine that it would happen. we have things right now of chris brown and rihanna. speaking of her, again, she's expected to be there. could be winning some awards. and supporting all the drama is the ex-boyfriend now current boyfriend, chris brown. >> yes, he'll be there supporting her. and now you heard the other fight as they will both be in the same building tonight. >> he's a real loose cannon. >> exactly. >> rihanna will perform with bruno mars and sting. which i think could be really great or a total disaster. and they were getting established, so this will be great as they will be able to perform with one of their biggest influences. i don't know where rihanna will be fitting in. >> also expecting a big one from justin timberlake? >> he just released brand new
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music. everyone is very excited about that. we have not seen him since 2009. we'll see him tomorrow night in his first performance in a long time. basically he's back in music, it's a surprise to me. so let's see what he delivers tomorrow. >> he's a married man. for a lot of ladies it might make him lose his appeal. >> no, i don't think so. he is still cute, i have to say. any other big predictions from the show? >> last year adele pretty much owned the grammies. it won't be that type of domination this year, but look out for the group. they'll have a good night. >> that's the group that sung? >> "we are young" >> and "some nights." >> they're fantastic. >> all right. we'll see if your predictions hold up. it's tomorrow on kpix. it starts at 8:00 p.m. right after 60 minutes. from 99.7 now, thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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>> i've been eating this all day. this is an incredible dish for the last hour. this is one of the years that you want to twist on. >> yes. this is one of my favorites from louisiana. and what we have in here, we have rice, obviously, rice, kidney beans, every color to give you that beautiful color. sage and thyme. >> beautiful. you can add stock to it if you want? >> yes. >> of course, with the sausage, this is what we're going to finish it off with. >> red peppers in here. >> look at how beautiful that is. >> then the cajun spices, which i really like them. when you are making a dish like that, you need to go nuts with it. just mix it all in there and enjoy it. >> perfect. >> the black peppers too. it will be great. so many herbs and spices. >> it looks great. >> here we go. >> perfect. look at how nice this looks. it's delicious. it is so easy to make. you put your ingredients in
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there. you can cook them altogether if you want. and steph? that looks good. >> yes. that's the favorite part about this dish. you cannot add any olive oil to it. >> that's great. >> all right, it is 7:25 and a tough night for the warriors on the road this time in memphis. the passing of the legendary college football coach. here is glen with more. >> morning everybody. former fresno state legendary football coach jim sweeney passed away last night. he was 83 with 200 wins and 32 years of coaching the game. they would like us to go on and play on and we'll show you the w's last night on the road trying to get it done. steph curry ties it up late in
7:24 am
the game off the inbound. clay thompson gets it. switches to curry. and curry hits it again. he had 32 points, tieing the season high. they were up by 3 so the lead would evaporate. they will go off. now, round two yesterday. the former lineman. a nice little put there. playing with them. out of the cup. and thrown into the crowds. and leading it 9 under par and just misses that effort there to set up a bogey. by the way don't forget the round show right here on kpix 5 later on this afternoon.
7:25 am
have a good day everybody. well, san jose airport, they are flying high. how the high-tech giant will be marking up for this bay area and confess. now watching what they eat. the ordinary human treat that may hurt their four-legged friends. we'll be right back.
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a massive winter wallop his the
7:28 am
northeast, more than half-a-million customers in the dark right now. the communities under a state of emergency today. more than half a million customers are in the dark right now. >> on the opposite side of the united states, it doesn't look bad. mostly sunny, chilly temperatures and your forecast coming up. >> the man hunt for an x cop who says he is waging war on police officers. now in their third day. welcome back, thanks for being here. >> yes, a quick look at your weather as you head out the door this morning, it is chilly. >> yes. temperatures in the 30s this morning. mostly clear skies, but that's going to change a little bit as the days go on. otherwise clear and chilly out the door. numbers in the mid-40s. your entire forecast looks dry. we will tell you the details in a few minutes.
7:29 am
but first, something that will be on the opposite side of the weather page. >> yeah, so much snowfalling. they are pounding the northeast this morning dumping more than two feet of snow. knocking out power to 650,000 homes and businesses. the utility crews from the other parts of the country have moved into the storm now and they are ready to spring into action. >> surely after breakfast the guys will be right out there restoring the power. and they are ready for it. >> the governor have declared states of emergency in new york, connecticut, massachusetts, and rhode island. and massachusetts and kentucky, they are under the statewide driving banned for the first time since the massive blizzard back in 1978. boston's logan airport, they are closed along with three of new york city's major airports. right now a man hunt is underway for the ex-la cop accused in the deadly rampage.
7:30 am
they come from the hotel surveillance camera, captured just days before their attack began. they are searching for dorner in the community just east of l.a. cbs reporter tells us that the weather is not helping with that search. tack cal teams are looking in this area. their burned out truck was found east of los angeles on thursday. authorities are trying to search hundreds of cabins over eight square miles. we're going to continue to search until we discovered they left the mountains or we found them. one or the two. police released surveillance photos of him at the l.a. area hotel on january 28. on thursday he exchanged
7:31 am
gunfire and got away. later he shot and killed another officer at a stoplight. officers continue to look for clues that may lead them to the suspect. they searched the home of dorner's mother and carried out boxes of evidence. they stood nearby. >> the whereabouts are unknown as we want to take precaution. >> he declared war on the manifesto he posted on facebook. they also believe avoiding capture, writing that he will utilize all the ordinances and the survival training that he has been given. he'll need those skills if he is still in the big bear area. the snow is falling and temperatures are below freezing. they are still on tack cal alert -- tactical alert because they have already seen the bullets, ripping right through the patrol cars and the bullet proof vests. reporting live, edward lawrence, kpix5. a barber has been arrested
7:32 am
of the killing of the 32-year- old girl. anthony lamar jones of fairfield is facing charges of kidnapping, rape, murder. he's accused of killing conway allen. her naked body was found in a park in fairfield. jones is a barber at the crown's barbershop in fairfield. investigators have been watching him from the beginning. >> he was identified early on as a suspect in this case. under 24-hour surveillance. and therefore there was no danger to the public. >> they left him in december and then filed for a restraining order last month. he'll be in court next wednesday. just hours after that arrest, hundreds of mourners held a vigil. she was the 7th grader in fairfield. she lived with her foster family. relative and friends came from
7:33 am
all over northern california to the vigil last night. >> no answers. the big question is why. why didn't you leave her alone? i hope that you get what is coming to you. >> the birth father. you see them there at the vigil as well. telling them that they hope the suspect gets what he deserves. san jose may soon be home for a fleet of private planes. check out what they will look like as they will house the private and corporate jets. as the reporter shows us, the google deal could bring in tens of millions of dollars to the airport. >> they were all about coming and going. but when goggle flies in here with their ever expanding jets, it will be one of the happiest landing of all. >> it makes sense that google,
7:34 am
the high-tech leader here in the south bay and the world, they are really choosing to make silicone valley airport their home too. >> san jose is announcing a major agreement with the signature flight support. their main provider of the aircraft to build and operate a new $82 million executive terminal on 29 acres of what used to be a long-term parking lot on the west side. >> they will propose to bring their fleet here. and that includes some very large aircrafts, including 737s. >> google airport. what do you think about it? >> i love it. why stop at google? >> reporter: the airport officials say that the new terminal will serve the other clients. >> the international flights. you know, from here to anywhere. like san francisco. and how great is that? >> the proximity to their mountain view headquarters was one of the major selling
7:35 am
points. the deal means another $2.6 million in annual rent. up to $300,000 a year in taxes and hundreds of construction jobs and 36 full-time jobs. the deal still needs to be approved as they will see a proposal later this spring. considering all the benefits at a time when they really need a boost is considered pretty much a done deal. in san jose, kpix 5. they are selling new bricks. you can have your names and messages inscribed. costing between $175 and $375 depending on the length and the description. the year-long campaign is expected to raise about $3 million. that will go towards the construction cost. as you know, pets will eat about anything they can. still to come, other household
7:36 am
streets that may harm your dog. and we are counting down the grammy night. the album of the year nominee. we'll be right back.
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that looks nice too. >> that is the lonely planet at the top ten destination. they are famous for their hot springs, the exotic cuisine and the colorful temple. meet them here as they would want. and now discover their finest flowers.
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the bay area teenager is giving up the free time for charity. as they report this week's award winner found inspiration in the stories of cancer survivors. like most high school seniors, the 17-year-old checked out the full schedule. the college applications and the tennessee team left little time for them in their bulletin board to tell a different story. for four years they have made time to participate in the relay for life. a 24-hour fundraiser put on
7:40 am
entirely by the students at the high school. >> we raised money for the american cancer society. that helped our advocacy. >> reporter: they got involved this freshman year as a team captain. by the sophomore year he was renting the event. >> it is a great feeling on campus to everyone -- to have everyone bond. >> today the relay for life is the largest student event of their state. in the last four years they have raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the american cancer society. >> and they are not doing it for themselves, but for the resume. he's passionate about what he wants to do. he truly wants to make a change in this world. >> and ever since he stepped foot on this campus he has made a huge impact. >> reporter: his work with the american cancer society is not limited to just his school. he is the lead high school volunteer for the state. training other students to put on the relays at over 60 campuses across california.
7:41 am
and now they let this sound. and it represents one death. he and his fellow volunteers demonstrate why their work is so important. >> and listen to what was caused each day by tobacco. >> reporter: zach says he is motivated by the stories from the cancer survivors. as the graduating student body president, he's ready to pass along the relay baton to his fellow students. confident in the knowledge that you don't have to be an adult to make a difference. >> i just want to congratulate you and present you with a pin that we made. [ applause ] >> reporter: and his work with the american cancer society as well as his local leadership, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to zach. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> and congratulations to him. to participate in the relay for life, use the link online. click the connect button on the
7:42 am
top of the page and jefferson awards to find our story on zach. all right, 7:43 and it's a chilly morning. but lovely outside. brian? >> yeah, it looks pretty nice. it will be a great saturday for us in the bay area. although mostly in the 50s, we will head out to show you what your mornings look like. mostly sunny skies. temperatures about 60 degrees around the coast and 40s around the bay and inland. right now we're missing that number for santa rosa. 3 2 at concord. big high tides today at about 10:20 a.m. for the entire coast. plus t means the low-lying flooding and the usual places here. the low tides this afternoon just before 5:00 p.m. and as we look at the approach of the bay bridge, sunny and a cold start. today will be dry and cool and a dry week ahead too. there is not a drop of rain in sight. we'll head down to the pennsylvania as you go to pebble beach. it looks like the old ben
7:43 am
crosby will be nice and sunny. the numbers in the mid-50s. mostly sunny skies. they show a large dome of high pressure. as a result we've got a dry northwesterly slope. a good day to moisturize with the sunny skies, chilly conditions, out of the west at 15. your pinpoint forecast will be about 42 degrees in oakland. it will be down to 33 in santa rosa. and for tomorrow's highs, 60 in oakland. and 57 in pacifica and redwood cities. your extended forecast is sunny side up all the way through the weekend. not a drop of rain. but by the time we get to next weekend, the numbers will be nudging the lower 60s inland and around the bay. very slow warm up this week then. and pretty nice weekend to get out and enjoy it. a good thing for the high. >> yeah. we need the rain. >> well, i know. if we're not going to get it, then let's celebrate. >> it's nice. thank you. we are counting down one of the biggest nights for the
7:44 am
music industry. the grammy awards. this morning we're getting an inside look at one of the artists up for the album of the year. >> my family and i have come here for one more grammy title. album of the year. >> frank ocean. >> ocean! >> frank ocean he's a traditional voice through a younger hip hop sensibility. >> obviously there are hip hop elements in his sound, but in a lot of ways it really portrays the traditional sound of soul music. >> frank ocean is a tremendous song writer first and foremost. >> plenty of buzz around frank ocean before this record came out. first of all from all the attention around the future work and then through his appearances on the record with jay-z and kanye during that
7:45 am
period of time. >> frank's contribution to watch the thrown were huge steppingstones for him. >> frank ocean's album was coming out to reveal that his previous lover who factored into some of these songs was a man. >> that's the other thing. you know, you need to get this guy to say yes, i fell in love with a man and an album full of things about women. >> and everyone thought he was gay, but he never said he was gay. >> i think it was an honest moment for him. >> his talent, you know, that it will be around. for the next, you know, decade. >> the 55th annual grammy awards airs tomorrow right here on kpix 5 starting at 8:00 p.m. right after 60 minutes. welcoming up we're going to meet a pooch channeling the white house icon. jackie o. more about this
7:46 am
special adoptable dog from muttville senior dog rescue coming up next.
7:47 am
7:48 am
household items that you need to way from your pets some foods you might think is very harmless could be dangerous for your dogs. some household items to keep away from your pets. >> the obvious hazards that most people are aware of, chocolate specifically. dogs and chocolate don't mix. onions, garlic, those things. most people seem to be relatively aware of that as well. what we're noticing are a couple of new toxins too. so with macadamia nuts, the good news is the affects are short lapsing. most dogs will pass it over 48 hours. the other things we see could
7:49 am
be scary for owners from being weak and lethargic to not being able to walk. and the artificial sweetener. a lot of gums and cough drops and other things that have sweeteners in them. things we worry about will include really unsafe drops in blood sugar. so we will see very profound low blood sugar. in extreme cases, leading to seizures, even death. nicotine is the ingredient in cigarettes that they were concerned about. this is nicotine that could cause significant finds and depression and general system wide affects. >> and we have an adoptable dog in studio. her name is jackie o. up on the hot canine fashions as you can see here. sherry franklin bringing her in
7:50 am
from muttville. jackie is available for adoption. tell us about her. >> jackie is a kisser. between 7 to 9 years old. she is a miniature pincher. a pin pin from the salinas county shelter. unbelievable personality. >> she was at the salinas shelter, but your organization, bless your hearts, you guys come in to rescue animals. the days might be numbered. >> right. our dogs are all 7 plus years old. we rescue from shelters all over the bay area and specifically san francisco. but we only take older dogs that could be considered unadoptableat a shelter. >> she is so cute. >> you have the adoption going on this weekend. everything is free if you want to find a new friend. >> right. this weekend saturday, today
7:51 am
and sunday. the fees are waived for the organizations here and the family dog rescue in san francisco. spca. and san francisco's annual care and control and of course muttville, we are all on one block. it's a great time to come and meet your best friend. >> everybody is invited. it happens today and tomorrow. you'll have a lot of options available to find the perfect fit for you and you can do it for free. >> exactly. >> win/win/win. for more information, go to our website on click on links and numbers. you can find all the info there from the senior dog rescue and the beautiful well-dressed. thanks for being here this morning. all right coming up, one more look at this morning's top stories including the powerful blizzard blasting the northeast. leaving more than half a million customers in the dark. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
a snowstorm in the northeast has dumped more than two feet of snow. it's piled up so a look at this morning's
7:53 am
snowstorm dumping more than two feet of snow. piling up so high in parts of new england that people cannot open up their front doors. there are driving bands in effect right now in connecticut and massachusetts and a state of emergency in four states. more than 650,000 homes and businesses are without electricity. this morning a man hunt has resumed in southern california for a former lapd officer accused of killing three people. police have also released this surveillance photo at the l.a. hotel on january 28. the 32-year-old anthony jones of fairfield has been arrested in the killing of the 13-year-old girl. her body was found last week in the park. facing charges of kidnapping, rape, murder.
7:54 am
tomorrow, this morning, the governor of texas will try to woo their workers next week. they sounded off on the attempt. >> it is very nice. >> it is like the first date and the second date and by the third date, it will be about arrangement. >> what? you need to tune in for that. >> and the delays. a vote on their private organizations and the laws. that is tomorrow on kpix tomorrow morning starting at 7:30 a.m. we'll be here for you as we've got a lot more coming up and a nice day to enjoy. >> yes, as a result of the dry northwesterly flow. that means more than 10 hours of sunshine a day all the way through the end of the week.
7:55 am
extended forecast, nothing, but sunshine right through your weekend. so enjoy. >> yes. today the sun will be shining on the giants fans getting ready for a big day. but the fan fest will start in just a few hours. people have been lining up for the champions. they will be welcoming the faithful fans. all for the world series trophies, camping out for today's event last month. >> and the die hard giant fans, back in the days at candle stick. they took me to my first game when i was 4. and yeah, you know, i have just fallen in love with the giants. >> and the event, it's free. it runs from 10:00 until 3:00 this afternoon. san francisco beer week is in full swing. this year they are planned in the east and south bay as well. they kicked off last night at
7:56 am
the con course exhibition center. there are more than 400 events spread out over ten days and the bars and the breweries to santa barbara and oakland. and so if that's what you're in for. cheers. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back here at 7:30. the next newscast at 5:30 tonight.
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